Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Car That Will Get A Lot Of Attention in 2017


Pabrikan asal Jerman ini menampilkan Scalo Superelletra, supercar yang digerakkan oleh motor listrik dan dapat menghasilkan 1.020 hp dan torsi 1.620 Nm dari motor listrik pada masing – masing roda. Akselerasi 0 -100 km/h ditempuh dalam 2,7 detik saja dan topspeed mencapai 300 km/h. Ngomong – ngomong soal mobil elektrik harus berbicara tentang jarak tempuh, mobil yang hanya diproduksi 50 buah ini sanggup berjalan hingga 500 km dalam sekali charge, lumayan juga.
 Aston Martin

Aston Martin juga memanfaatkan ajang GMS untuk mengenalkan divisi sport mereka yakni AMR. AMR nantinya akan memfokuskan diri pada teknologi terkini untuk menunjang Aston Martin yang lebih ‘sport’ lagi. Pada GMS AMR memamerkan Rapide AMR dan Vantage AMR Pro yang akan segera masuk jalur produksi. Upgrade yang dilakukan dilakukan pada sektor mesin, sasis, dan desain. Rapide AMR memiliki tenaga 600 PS dari mesin bensin V12 6.000 cc dan Aston Martin sendiri mengklaim bahwa mobil ini dapat menjadi mobil 4-pintu tercepat di dunia, hal itu mereka katakan karena topspeed-nya yang mencapai 210 mph atau setara dengan 338 km/jam.

Unlike the Rapide AMR, AMR Vantage Pro is not legal to drive on the highway. Vantage V8 engine that is capable of issuing a power of 507 PS. Alcantara leather and carbon fiber material use on both cars is common. AMR Vantage are specialized on roll cagecustom taken from Aston Martin Q. This car will be produced only seven pieces only while AMR Rapide will be produced as many as 210 pieces.

Furthermore, Aston Martin will also show Valkyrie formerly known as Red Bull AM-RB 001. This supercar uses a gasoline engine capacity of 6500 cc V12 of Cowsworth can afford to 900 hp. Power to Weight ratio reached 1: 1 is a scary thing for other supercar rivals. This car is faster than the F1 though, and again all was not alone - the eye as a result of power and lightness of the body, but also of the overflow from the grip of the car. Compressive force that can be generated down to 1.8 tons. 320 Nm.


A5 G-Tron, what the G-Tron? Is a technology from Audi for the machine to utilize the fuel gas. Audi has its own unique brand for its BBG, the Audi e-gas. BBG was created from the extraction H2 H2 from water that will be used as CNG, Audi e-gas can reduce emissions by 8% compared to normal combustion. G-tron will be contained in models A4 Avant and A5 Sportback. This car will wear a 2,000 cc TFSI engine that produces 168 hp and 270 Nm. What bedany with the Audi e-tron? In the e-tron machines will be coupled with an electric motor contained in the transmission, the work of the electric motor and the engine can be separately or together, while the on g-tron, the machine will be used for two types of different fuels, depending on the availability of fuel you , With the four gas tanks, the total volume of this car have as much as 19 kg and 25 liter fuel tank. With gas power this car can travel a distance of 500 km and when totalized with a conventional engine can reach 950 km.

Audi still not satisfied with the line of cars displayed on GMS this year. Audi RS5 Audi DTM displays are commonly used in the German touring car racing, the car is road-legal and has been adapted to current racing regulations. The engine carries 4.000cc V8 and capable of removing 500 hp. This car has a softer tire and the driving position is lower.

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