Saturday, December 2, 2017

Environmentally Friendly Car, We Can Save Earth (Electric&Hybrid CAR)

1. Tesla Model S
Price Range ($75,000 | $67,500)

The Tesla model S has a range of 270 miles (435 km), and this range makes all the difference.  The reason Tesla doesn’t currently have competition is because they managed to develop a high capacity (long range) battery. All other car manufacturers have not been able to do this and therefore stick with the hybrid system. Think about this, if the whole world is driving hybrid cars, we will still be burning fuel in our cars, how clean will the environment be then? The plugin-hybrid is still not good enough, full electric vehicles is the way to go. The Tesla Model S isn’t an electric car, but rather a car that is 100% powered by an electric drivetrain. The reason the previous statement holds is that the model S isn’t designed to look odd like other EVs. The model S looks just like another ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car, but more beautifully designed.
There is so much to say about this car, if I miss anything at all you are interested in, kindly ask in the comments section. Everybody who loves technology should know about this vehicle because the car receives function/software updates OTA (Over the Air); and also everyone should know about it because it is an EV, we will all be driving an EV in the future. Thinking of a model S as a mobile phone isn’t fully accurate, think of it as the Google project Ara (; in that, apart from this car receiving updates over the air like a mobile phone (latest OTA update added automatic notification of nearby charging locations, trip planning, automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning and valet mode), you can swap the car’s improved hardware to transform a 2012 model into a 2015 model; yes the model S was first launched in 2012.
Everything about this car is extraordinary. As you approach your model S, the door handles extend from the body of the car to greet you so you can conveniently open the door. Upon closing the doors, the handles move back into the body of the car to improve the cars aerodynamics and drag coefficient. There is no push to start button, so for those of you who thought the push to start button technology could not be improved, well it has, how? It was removed. The inside of the car welcomes you with all screens turning on automatically, just switch your gear to drive, and go.

I am shaking as I write now, it will mean a lot to me if I got my hands on a Tesla model S. I really have too much to say about the car, I should probably blog that separately. As difficult as this is let me move onto the second and main reason I was inspired to write this post.
After my infatuation with this beauty and functionality I am convinced this car will survive here in Ghana or Africa for that matter, with proof. Ok not actual proof, because I do not have the actual car, but my aim is that this article helps someone decide to confidently drive an EV in Ghana.  

The most important feature about the model S that also makes it a very good option for Ghana is the range that a fully charged model S can achieve; depending on the trim (70D, 85D, P85D, P90D) you choose you can get between 225 miles (362 km) to 257 miles (413 km) of drive, then the hidden emergency range before the car comes to a complete stop. The range I have provided constitutes driving at 70 mph (113 kph), with the air conditioning on and an outside temperature of 43˚ on 19" wheels, bigger wheels will reduce range slightly. So I am obviously creating a worst case scenario here. The model S can achieve 300 miles (482 km) at 65 mph (105 kph) but let’s continue with the worst case scenario.
The biggest battery size the model S offers currently has 90 kWh capacity. It will cost you 37 Ghana Cedis (0.4121 * 90; to fully charge this battery. So you will appreciate how much electricity you have in your model S (worst case 413 km), take note of the following;

Accra mall (Accra) to Breman (Kumasi) is 253 km
Accra mall (Accra) to Savelugu (Northern Region) is 633 km

So do the math. I did mine and my results are as follows; its 44 km from my home to work (community 25 in Tema to Adjuma Crescent in Kaneshie). This typically means that I will drive to and from work about 9 times, mind you I am still using worst case scenario range. 9 times means I will drive to and from work for 4 days, and to work on the 5th day before I will completely run out of electricity; all for 37 Ghana Cedis ($9 as at August 27, 2015). Using a wall connector designed by Tesla, on our 240 volt source, and also with the model S ability to double charge at once, right at home, you can transfer 58 miles (93 km) of range per hour of charge. In just over 4 hours the car is fully charged. Because of the car’s long range, there isn’t a constant need for electricity to charge it, forget the “dumsor” excuse.

The model S unlike many cars people assume to be EV is a pure electric vehicle, this means that there is no internal combustion engine.
It is very true there isn’t a service center in Ghana, here is the fact; every car company with a service center in Ghana imports parts. Your concern then should be labor. YouTube together with your electrician will be a great way to ensure your part is properly fixed.

Note: I don’t feel nearly as confident about the order of this list as I did the 10 best hybrid cars list. In fact, I changed the order several times while writing it. Such is the challenge when evaluating and comparing all of these great options, which come in at very different price points.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Car That Will Get A Lot Of Attention in 2017


Pabrikan asal Jerman ini menampilkan Scalo Superelletra, supercar yang digerakkan oleh motor listrik dan dapat menghasilkan 1.020 hp dan torsi 1.620 Nm dari motor listrik pada masing – masing roda. Akselerasi 0 -100 km/h ditempuh dalam 2,7 detik saja dan topspeed mencapai 300 km/h. Ngomong – ngomong soal mobil elektrik harus berbicara tentang jarak tempuh, mobil yang hanya diproduksi 50 buah ini sanggup berjalan hingga 500 km dalam sekali charge, lumayan juga.
 Aston Martin

Aston Martin juga memanfaatkan ajang GMS untuk mengenalkan divisi sport mereka yakni AMR. AMR nantinya akan memfokuskan diri pada teknologi terkini untuk menunjang Aston Martin yang lebih ‘sport’ lagi. Pada GMS AMR memamerkan Rapide AMR dan Vantage AMR Pro yang akan segera masuk jalur produksi. Upgrade yang dilakukan dilakukan pada sektor mesin, sasis, dan desain. Rapide AMR memiliki tenaga 600 PS dari mesin bensin V12 6.000 cc dan Aston Martin sendiri mengklaim bahwa mobil ini dapat menjadi mobil 4-pintu tercepat di dunia, hal itu mereka katakan karena topspeed-nya yang mencapai 210 mph atau setara dengan 338 km/jam.

Unlike the Rapide AMR, AMR Vantage Pro is not legal to drive on the highway. Vantage V8 engine that is capable of issuing a power of 507 PS. Alcantara leather and carbon fiber material use on both cars is common. AMR Vantage are specialized on roll cagecustom taken from Aston Martin Q. This car will be produced only seven pieces only while AMR Rapide will be produced as many as 210 pieces.

Furthermore, Aston Martin will also show Valkyrie formerly known as Red Bull AM-RB 001. This supercar uses a gasoline engine capacity of 6500 cc V12 of Cowsworth can afford to 900 hp. Power to Weight ratio reached 1: 1 is a scary thing for other supercar rivals. This car is faster than the F1 though, and again all was not alone - the eye as a result of power and lightness of the body, but also of the overflow from the grip of the car. Compressive force that can be generated down to 1.8 tons. 320 Nm.


A5 G-Tron, what the G-Tron? Is a technology from Audi for the machine to utilize the fuel gas. Audi has its own unique brand for its BBG, the Audi e-gas. BBG was created from the extraction H2 H2 from water that will be used as CNG, Audi e-gas can reduce emissions by 8% compared to normal combustion. G-tron will be contained in models A4 Avant and A5 Sportback. This car will wear a 2,000 cc TFSI engine that produces 168 hp and 270 Nm. What bedany with the Audi e-tron? In the e-tron machines will be coupled with an electric motor contained in the transmission, the work of the electric motor and the engine can be separately or together, while the on g-tron, the machine will be used for two types of different fuels, depending on the availability of fuel you , With the four gas tanks, the total volume of this car have as much as 19 kg and 25 liter fuel tank. With gas power this car can travel a distance of 500 km and when totalized with a conventional engine can reach 950 km.

Audi still not satisfied with the line of cars displayed on GMS this year. Audi RS5 Audi DTM displays are commonly used in the German touring car racing, the car is road-legal and has been adapted to current racing regulations. The engine carries 4.000cc V8 and capable of removing 500 hp. This car has a softer tire and the driving position is lower.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

The Shelby GT350 Mustang might be the most fun you can have for under 100 grand. Hell, it might be the most fun you can have in a car, period.

I don’t know how much of the sky-high redline is because of the flat-plane crankshaft stuffed inside the 5.2-liter V8, but I know it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that when this pony is rapping at 8,250 rpm it sounds like the world is coming to an end, and then you shift and do it again.

While the VooDoo V8 is cool, it isn’t the car’s only trick. This Track-Pack-equipped tester is all-sports car. The comfort we found inside the Ford Focus RS, Dodge Challenger Hellcat or that you’ll eventually find in the Camaro ZL1 isn’t there. There isn’t a massive infotainment system to keep you entertained on your daily commute -- just a small screen that lets you know what radio station you’re on. Sure, you can throw the tech package at the ’17s -- it was either tech or track but not both for ’16 -- and that might make sense long term, but it would almost kill the spirit of the car.

That being said, despite its spartan accoutrements, it is a well-done cabin. The heavily bolstered driver and passenger seats hold you tightly as you throw the car around, but are easily comfortable enough for daily use. The multifunction steering wheel lets you select the various drive modes with your right thumb via a small rocker switch. The LCD display between the tachometer and the speedometer is your central command for any gauge you’d want. I was most impressed with a cylinder-head temperature gauge. (Ed note: Nerd.) It’ll also let you customize how the shift light comes on and let you know what mode the shocks are in.

The suspension in track mode is probably one of the best I’ve experienced, but in sport mode on uneven expressways it’s still hilariously stiff. Even in normal, the dampers did a poor job dealing with the struggles of terrible roads, which might make the GT350 a questionable choice for long-haul road trips, but that’s fine. It’s not supposed to be a long hauler –- it’s supposed to be a road-course ripper.

The most frustrating part for me was the strange clutch feel. I prefer a heavier-than-normal clutch in a sports car, with lots of feedback through the pedal. This Mustang has a light clutch that becomes effortless at the end of its stroke. This might make sense for holding the clutch in while snail crawling through traffic, but it takes time to get used to. On releasing the clutch, there is a weird flat-spot feel when entering the friction zone, which can cause some accidental sideways slides while getting familiar.

Dollar for dollar, I’d take this over anything on the road right now. It might even be the best Mustang ever.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Toyota Camry XLE

The Camry XLE is right for…
People who appreciate the virtues of a midsize sedan and want one that excels at them all. Camry is America’s No.1-selling car and the XLE is a compelling choice, the rare example of a top-of-the-line model that’s also the best value in the line.
Pros include…
The high ratings for quality, dependability, and comfort earned by every Camry. Resale value and safety ratings are strong, as well. To these assets, the XLE ladles on the amenities that make a car inviting to drive and easy to live with. It’s one of the dwindling number of midsize sedans still available with a V-6 engine as an alternative to a four-cylinder. And it comes standard with such upgrades as leather upholstery, heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, wireless cellphone charging, keyless entry with pushbutton start, and a newly upgraded version of Toyota’s Entune infotainment system with GPS navigation that operates through a smartphone application called Navigation Scout.
Cons include…
An image as an emotion-free transportation appliance. Indeed, every Camry emphasizes quietness and ride comfort over sporty road manners, although the luxury-flavored XLE has a handling-tuned counterpart, the XSE, that takes a stab at appealing to driving enthusiasts. Fuel-economy ratings are a little below the class average, at 27 mpg city-highway combined with the four-cylinder, 24 mpg combined with the V-6. And this 2012-2017 Camry design generation is being replaced for model-year 2018 by an all-new Camry with different styling and fresher technology.

It costs…
The same as the 2016 model. To entice buyers who might wait for the 2018 redesign, Toyota holds the line on prices for every 2017 Camry. Including the $835 destination fee, the XLE starts at $27,145 with the four-cylinder and $32,205 with the V-6. Those suggested retail prices are very competitive with those of top rivals, but ample dealer supply and generous factory incentives spell juicy discounts on Camrys. Pricing service Truecar says ‘17 XLEs sell for an average of 16 percent below base price. That’s double the discount Truecar reports for the similarly positioned Honda Accord EX-L.
The best options are… The only Camry models available with the Advanced Technology Package are the XLE and XSE and with it they earn coveted “Top Safety Pick+” status from the Insurance institute for Highway Safety. Smartly priced at $750, the package’s key component is front-collision-mitigating automatic emergency braking, but it also includes adaptive cruise control to maintain a set distance from traffic ahead and lane-departure alert. Blind-spot monitoring to warn of unseen vehicles in the next lane is $500 well spent. To option a four-cylinder XLE with some features standard with the V-6 you’ll need the $845 Convenience Package, which includes keyless entry with pushbutton start, and the $915 power moonroof.
The least essential options are… The V-6 is available only on the XLE and XSE and just 10 percent of buyers order it. With 268 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque, the performance advantages over the four’s 178 horses and 170 pound-feet are evident. But the four’s capabilities are perfectly compatible with Camry’s role, and the V-6’s $5,060 premium is a little steep, even if it does come with additional equipment. Adding onboard navigation to the Entune infotainment suite costs $710 and includes a premium JBL audio system. Imbedding navigation lets you maintain GPS mapping in the absence of a cell signal. But Navigation Scout works well enough otherwise to make the point debatable.
The Camry XLE is better than the… Nissan Altima SL, which feels less polished and suffers poorer powertrain refinement; the Ford Fusion SE, which handles well but is less spacious; and the Hyundai Sonata Limited, which costs more and has even less precise steering.
 The Camry XLE is not as good as the… Honda Accord EX-L, which is the segment’s all-around gold standard; the Chevrolet Malibu 2LT, fully redesigned for 2016 and boasting a terrific turbocharged four-cylinder engine; and the Mazda 6 Grand Touring, a stylistic tour de force and the best handling car in the class.

Last, if the engine is quite nice as you wish, Let's drive....................